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[Vista] Disk Cleanup Vista (What is safe to delete?)

Below I listed what's in my Vista Disk Cleanup. I was wondering what is safe to delete? I had a better understanding of the stuff in XP. Besides the temp internet files, office setup files, and recycle bin, I'm not positive what the other stuff are for, and if they can safely be deleted. Thank you very much in advance.

Downloaded Program Files: 0 Bytes

Temporary Internet Files: 254 Bytes

Hibernation File Cleaner: 2.87 GB

Office Setup Files: 215 MB

Recycle Bin: 0 Bytes

Setup Log Files: 20.2 KB

Temporary Files: 74.9 MB

Thumbnails: 35.1 MB

Per User Archived Windows Error Reporting: 43.8 KB

System Archived Windows Error Reporting: 6.38 KB

System Queued Windows Error Reporting: 21.9 KB



You can get rid of the "temp files" and the "office setup files" as long as you have the DVD.

Do Not get rid of the Hibernation files that can really cause problems on your laptop.

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I would leave Office setup files, you don't want to place a dvd in the drive every time there is an Office update.

I don't use hibernation and therefore find that 2.7Gb a waste of space, however, if you do use hibernation and find it useful do not select it for cleaning as that will create, as suggested, problems

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Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I don't have a laptop so I guess this (hibernation) was turned on by default with my HP Desktop?

This is like Deja vu all over again.
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Both my XP and Vista machine had Hibernation turned on by default.

One of the first things I do when I get a new machine is go into the Power Settings and configure it the way I want. I don't want my pc going into Hibernation every time it's been idle for 10 minutes.



How do I know if hibernation is turned on in Vista, and how would I turn it off? It's a desktop computer. Thanks a lot.

This is like Deja vu all over again.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Start > Control Panel > Power Options

I have my Control Panel Set to classic view but if you don't, there should be some option that asks something to the effect, "Choose when the computer sleeps."


Bronx, NY

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Well it depends. On Vista by default the computer is on Hybrid sleep.

Hybrid Sleep = Session is saved (whatever programs or work you have opened is open when you return) but the computer goes into a low power state mode (Stand By in XP or now called 'Sleep' in Vista). If for whatever reason your computer becomes unplugged you do not lose any data since Vista will just load the saved session.

Sleep = Essentially it's just your computer going into Stand By like in XP. It's a low power mode state which saves energy. Sessions are not saved. If computer becomes unplugged unexpectedly before you save your data opened, you may lose it or it may become corrupt.

Hibernate = It saves the session (all programs open and work open will remain open once you turn computer back on) but turns the computer off after saving session.

So yes there are some differences in these power modes. Vista by default comes with Hybrid sleep on so it combines the best of both worlds. However if you don't want that you can turn Hybrid sleep off and just use regular sleep mode instead. Go into Power Options in the Control Panel (much easier if you have Classic View enabled). Then click on the left side where it says "Change when the computer sleeps" and from there you'll click on "Change advanced power settings" and you should be able to disable Hybrid sleep from there.

I use hibernating a lot on my desktop and laptop computer. I got so fed up with XP's slow startup (the firewall and antivirus will do that to startup) that I simply used Hibernate to turn the computer off. Occasionally I restarted but that was just to give it a refresh once in a while. I do it even on my Vista desktop which starts up in less than 1.5 minutes compared to the 5 minutes XP took.

EDIT: Forgot to mention though it may be a bit obvious now, the downside to Hibernate is that it takes up harddrive space. So if you don't have much harddrive space you might not want that on.