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Cary, NC

[Help] Prevent door seals from freezing?

(odd that search didn't turn up this topic)

Car doors froze shut last night after snow melted and refroze. Planning to run out and apply WD-40 to the rubber door seals today -rub it in with cloth or small foam piece.

Wondering if anyone knows of a better diy solution to this issue?

Germantown, OH

Frozen in North Carolina ? Did you just wash the car or something ?

Were all of the door seals frozen ? If not, get in through one of the un-frozen ones and start the car. The heat inside will thaw it out.

As for spraying it with something, I'd use silicone spray before WD40.


Cary, NC

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thanks - In NC we had a rain to snow event, followed by sun in freezing temps which appearantly allowed the water to wet the seals and freeze in the 11* overnight temps.

I have silicon spray lube, however I know that will turn foam-rubber seals to dust (witnessed the 70's Salomon (Hanson?) Ski Boot failure).

WD-40 does work as this morning I simply left the Talon and jumped into the Jeep for a morning drive (its' seals have seen WD-40, about 12 months ago). Just wondering if anyone has a better solution.

edit: the deal is done (WD-40), prepared for the forecast of freezing rain tomorrow.

Bozeman, MT
reply to CajunWon

I use Fluid Film. It is Lanolin based.

Owners in the Yahoo Toyota Previa forum recommend it. The side door in the van has to SLIDE first before it even starts to pull away from the gasket, so it is even more susceptible to any adhesion/sticking/freezing.

My side door would stick in the winter if it was freezing and stick in the summer when it was hot. I have tried WD-40 and Silicone and machine oil and Talcum powder and wiping the gaskets with rubbing alcohol. Not all at ONCE, but at different times. None of those lasted more than a couple of weeks. The Fluid Film has seemed to cause the door to work great all through the summer. I tried the door when it first frosted and it seemed to work fine. I haven't tried it now since it has been really FREEZING this go around, but I think it will be fine.

U.S. Army Retired
Fort Smith, AR
reply to CajunWon

Short of parking in a garage nothing is fool proof.

Premium,ExMod 2000-03
NW Illinois

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reply to CajunWon

Get the WD-40 removed ASAP. It has harsh penetrating chemicals that are very hard on door seals. It also has a major propensity to attract dirt, something you don't want on there either.

Get yourself some real weatherstrip lubricant. Also pure silicone on door seals will not cause degradation. It is what most automakers recommend.

Iowa City,IA
reply to CajunWon

A little wax on the car body in the fall where the door seals touch helps also.

I'D Rather Be Skiing
Wallingford, CT
reply to CajunWon

I'm a big fan of this stuff: »www.properautocare.com/303-16.html

It does an awesome job on the seals...and the interior in general. It cleans things up, but doesn't grease everything like other products do. It's pricey, but a little goes a long way.
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