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West Tenness

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reply to Dogfather

Re: Next round of web-hog ads in the works

said by Dogfather:

But in fairness to the cable operators, the costs of delivering service are far more than just the cost of the OC192 at the headend. Cable operators have a per channel limitation that is only address by dedicating more channels to HSI and/or limiting the use of the existing service.

So those 100GB for $30 numbers don't seem entirely accurate to me given the other factors involved in delivering the service to the customer.
Exactly just because 500 GB of bandwidth only cost the cable companies $35 doesn't mean that's the only cost associated with providing someone with internet service.

Some bandwidth hogs woud complain if the cap was 1 TB a month. They seem to think for their $40-$70 they should get all the bandwith they want.



Since they sell me "unlimited Internet" and "blazing fast 5Mb download" I should get all the bandwith I want. If I am considered a "Bandwith Hog" then tell me what defines that, and give me a limit I can see and not some magic number that I hit when they say.

(I only use about 20-30GB monthly, but since the invisible cap varies by market, maybe I am a bandwith hog?)


Cleveland, OH

They don't advertise unlimited. Thats the key part. They never use the word Unlimited. And if they do RoadRunner doesn't; who is the primary provider for TWC's HSI; who has their own agreement with each and every RR customer. which does NOT state unlimited.