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Chicago, IL
reply to Wraith1283

Re: Next round of web-hog ads in the works

said by Wraith1283:

This definitely isn't good news. I in no way want to see metered bandwidth unless its something that is reasonable. I am glad I am on FiOS as it looks like Verizon doesnt have a plan to enforce these kind of caps on people.

Dont get me wrong I believe people who abuse the network of their cable co. should have to pay more than the average downloader/web surfer but to enforce these rules on everyone simply is BS.

What about people who are avid gamers? To download demos sometimes takes about a gig or two. Not to mention downloading patches for a game and simply playing it takes up bandwidth. You can eat up a lot of Bandwidth quick without being one of these P2P "abusing" people.

It just seems like an excuse for the cable co. to get more money out our pockets.
Yeah, VZ is always about the customer!

FIOS' increased CapEX is about less revenue (because they love the customer)

Gamer or not, usage based pricing will likely be based on 0-90th percentile of usage, maybe 95.

Either way, good luck with moving from 1 ISP to the other if you are lucky enough to have 2 landline based ISPs. Most of the wireless types will restrict what you want to do and not make the news here.