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Chicago, IL
reply to Dogfather

Re: Next round of web-hog ads in the works

said by Dogfather:

Nice BS conjecture there sport.

Post links to anything showing that TW says that the 5GB plan will either be budget or geared to compete with DSL Lite.

They just stated that the caps will be 5-40GB, nothing more. You have ZERO idea where the 5GB plan will be priced or what restrictions they'll have on it in addition to the beyond stupid cap. You don't even know what the speeds will be let alone what services it will be competing with.
Better yet, how will the customer control the bandwidth?

Most people don't know what bandwidth they are using.
Most wouldn't know if they were hijacked or if their ISP was lying about their usage.
Would anyone know how much of their BW was lost to pings and random port scans?

Then again, I am guessing, and you should too, that TW is not interested in alienating the vast majority of their customers and has built into the usage model all of the above.

Most people are longing for an old-school AOL/Prodigy/Delphi/Compuserve connection, they just don't know it because they never experienced it (or they did but their cheapness led them into the "internet experience" and now complain about the "scams/spam/ads/requirement to register to web sites". This seems to be the case of the old folks that I talk to that click on and forward too many junk emails....or have kids that do the same. The "safe experience" is where the money is, but the service providers have been too dumb to provide it (though their own management are the people I refer to).

The walled garden is coming...

Back to original BW topic...give the customer an ability to control their experience. This would include real time usage information that is under their control.