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Midlothian, VA
reply to DrModem

Re: Switch to who?

said by DrModem:

So? unless you absoulutly need your ultra-fast 20/20 connection for more than brag factor, you can do fine with 7/768 or 3m DSL
see that argument is just garbage. With my brag factor I can download a legitimate movie is no time flat. With my brag factor i can get a 200MB update in no time flat. With my brag factor I can watch live streaming TV from around the world and still have headroom to surf the web, read email AND download my updates...with my brag factor 3 to 4 people can be watching live streaming SD quality video in my house independent of my cable operator. They can all do what they pretty much want with little impact on each other....with my brag factor....

what can brag factor do for you....


Taxis River, NB

You can do that stuff but if we go to a bandwidth limit of 40 GB than you can use that 20/20 connection to download files for 4.5 hours/month. I don't know about you but that isn't how I would want to use a 20/20 connection.