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Salisbury, MD

Good Riddance Cavalier

After 6 years I have finally had enough and switched to Comcast's triple play, save some $$ and get rid of Cavalier, win-win situation.

Only had to wait 30 minutes on hold to cancel my service
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Salisbury, MD
Anyone else switched from Cavalier to Comcast's tripleplay?

When I called in to cancel the phone rep mentioned that my service was already canceled by Comcast when they ported my number over, I asked for a ticket # and they refused to give me one saying my service has already been canceled.

I know how cavalier likes to be sneaky and try and bill you after you have canceled, just checking to see if the phone rep is correct.
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Cleveland, OH
reply to Mellow
I switched to TWC (RoadRunner) Triple play here in Euclid, Ohio. I am very satisfied with the service. I get about 13-14 mbps down and 700 kbps up consistently.

And of course I hit a snafu today I should have expected. Despite my Cavalier bill being paid up-to-date, Cavalier blocked the porting of my old # to Road Runner. No other company ever gave me trouble porting a phone#. And I've done it many times on land lines and cellular. Now I have to wait 8 more days for Time Warner to come back out and I'm not even bothering to keep my old #. Forget about em. My cavalier account is paid up to date as always.

And I spent an hour with customer service over a payment issue. I paid my bill as always from my checking account only this time it never came out. My balance was well in excess of what I owed and my routing # and account number were cut and pasted accurately into bill matrix as I always do. After a few days and nothing coming out, I contacted customer service via email because the wait on the phone was more than one hour. I asked them to please let me know if there was a problem and I would give them my master card instead because i didn't want to get my service cut off. Now I've never had it cut off because I always pay my bill and never had the money NOT taken out of my checking account.

At any rate, I never received a reply and on Feb 2nd I get a message when I dial the phone my service is suspended but I can receive incoming calls. So I call up customer service on my cell phone and while I am waiting they turn my service back on without talking to me!

Then when I get through they tell me well your payment was returned because your account is frozen. No, my account isn't frozen in fact other bills came out with no problem. My bank reports that no attempt was even from cavalier to take the money.

So they turn my service back on, put the payment through again and we are fine until I get the bill. They charged my 20.00 returned item fee (?) and 38.50 "reconnect" fee. I spent 60 minutes on hold, then get connected to some foreigner who insists I never sent any email and that my payment was either rejected because my account was frozen (my bank denies this), or maybe I typed in the wrong information. He refuses to allow me to email proof of my contacting cavalier and won't credit me. Only after 25 minutes of berating this individual he finally give me a stateside woman who credited me with 38.50. I guess something is better than nothing, but hey I lost 20.00 because Cavalier didn't put my transaction through properly or lost it or something.

And the beat goes on....

Scott Emick
Euclid Friendly Computer Service