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Linksys SPA2102 (flashing red power light: not responding)

Hello Everyone,

I have a big problem with my SPA2102 VOIP device the power light is flashing red and the device is not responding what so ever. I was told that I have to update the firmware and to follow the steps I've posted below but can't even get past step two since my device is not responding whatsoever. When I plug the device directly to my computer I can't even obtain an IP. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

1) Download the latest firmware release from Linksys.com I had simply done a search for "SPA2102 firmware" and selected the first search result. The previous link should get you to the proper download page for your SPA2102 terminal. My terminal is version 1.0. After downloading firmware 5.1.12, unzip it to a local folder on your PC. There should be a .BIN file as well as a .EXE file.

2) Reset the SPA2102 to factory defaults (note that reseting your terminal will completely disconnect you from CIA's services until you resync with CIA in step 6). Using your phone dial ****, upon hearing the female's voice dial 73738# and wait a second to start hearing your options, then dial 1 (which will confirm that you want to reset the terminal to factory defaults). If all is successful, the female voice with say "Option Successful". Hang up your phone.

3) Temporarily disable any firewall programs you have running on your Windows PC.

4) Directly connect your Windows PC network adapter to the Ethernet port of the SPA2102 and let your PC automatically receive a DHCP address. Make sure you can connect to the SPA2102 terminal by launching a browser from your PC to the terminal's web administrative address: » The default user name and password are simply "user" and "user".

5) If you can connect to the terminal, then run the .EXE upgrade program: upg-spa2102-5-1-12.exe and follow its directions (the IP address of your SPA2102 terminal should be You MUST allow the program to completely finish the upgrade otherwise you will brick your terminal and may render it completely USELESS! The upgrade process only take about a minute.