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Norwalk, CA

How much per HD receiver?

Hi, We have four HD receivers and one is free with the Charter bundle. My question is how much should we be charged for the other three?

our statement shows

HD service 0.00

HD Tier 8.00

DVR Equipment Upgrade & Service Fee 15.00

HBO 0.00

HD Showtime 0.00

Charter Total View 10.00

3 Additional Standard Digital Receiver, 15.00
Integrated Interactive Service

HD Receiver Upgrade 5.00

2 Additional HD receiver Upgrade 10.00

The last three charges show its 10.00 per HD receiver? I called billing and could not get the rep to acknowledge that its 10.00. When i went to my local Charter office they told me its a 5.00 charge per HD Receiver for the local HD channels(KCBS, KNBC..etc).


Doc Casualty

Harbor Springs, MI
I would take the bill to your local office and have them explain it. HD (or any) receiver is $5.00 and DVR is $15.00. I am not sure what the Upgrade charges mean.

reply to JPac
Assuming there are no 'Credit' sections on the bill refunding $15 in upgrade fees, it appears they are billing you for 6 receivers. If you find this is the case, make sure they credit you appropriately.
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Norwalk, CA
reply to JPac
Thanks for the replies. I called again and was told there is an additional 5.00 charge per HD receiver. Can any of you check your statement and tell me if you have the same charges for your HD receiver? It will be listed as a HD receiver upgrade.

Thanks again

Cleveland, TN

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reply to JPac
i have 2 cable boxes one moxi one standered cable box

the cable part of my bill consist of

biggest all tier package 79.99 (would be 93.99 but im on promo)

digital receiver service is 3.95(i get discount since i have 2 cable boxes otherwise it would be 6.95)

also i have hdtv tier which is 9.99

and dvr service which is 11.99

so my total monthly costs for cable part of bill is 105.92$ a month (before taxes and fees)

however i got letter month ago saying rates will change February hdtv tier going down one dollar and reciver going down to and stuff so ill wait and see what it does

but as it stand im getting my hd reciver for free with my dvr service

Doc Casualty

Harbor Springs, MI
reply to JPac
I don't have any HD receiver upgrade listed and have 2 HD STBs listed as "2 additional digital receivers" for $10 and 1 DVR for $15. But I never noticed before that the bundle does include a digital receiver, so now you've got me thinking I should only be charged for one "additional" receiver. I am going to take my bill into the office and see what they have to say. Thanks for pointing that out. I still think you should only be paying $5 for each HD receiver but maybe someone who works for Charter could lend some input.


Houghton Lake, MI
reply to JPac
You need to call in and ask them to pull up your bill on the computer. Then get them to explain the charges, Look at your old bills and you will find in one of them a price list. I got one last year in OCT or NOV. It was never $10 for a STB.

I assume that charge is on each months bill, If this is your first bill then maybe it is a one time charge.