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Cleveland, OH

Service down repeatedly....

I remember reading about this from other customers when I first switched over about 5 months ago. Now it's my turn!

My connection to the DSLAM seems to go down at night/when it's cold and I've called cavalier and they had a tech come and check the line and the C.O. equip and everything checked out fine of course this was during the day when I was sync'd.

Now I'm on my 3rd call to them at night when the service goes down and they have said it is on AT&T's side. So the ball is in AT&T's court for the moment...

Man I wish we had some kind of broadband wifi here like Clearwire or something. All I have is Alltel EVDO as backup and it sucks compared to full speed.


Cleveland, OH
Well AT&T has been out repeatedly, they keep saying their lines are fine. And I must say the phone line *sounds* excellent from a human ear perspective.

Cavalier meanwhile has been out and checked the DSLAM in the C.O. and they say their equipment is fine...but for hours each day the connection slows to a crawl (5 kbps) and goes dry with no sync also for hours...

I am happy that I can get through to customer service within 15-30 min each time and they are actually getting people to come out.

Now if they would just *find* the problem!!!! I'm ready to go to Time Warner's triple play here shortly.

A Grimm
reply to semick
I would be wary of that Time Warner move. It has been reported that they will be experimenting with tiering their broadband subscriptions. They are talking about "overages" on broadband use.