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Transfer ameritech.net email to yahoo.(or another provider)

Hi there,

I've been reading through the forums here and have found a lot of information but my searches haven't explicitly answered my question. I am hoping that someone can point me to the right post in the forum or perhaps answer me here.

Currently, my sister is using AT&T for her DSL provider and has a username@ameritech.net address. She wants to cancel her service to go to a new provider but does not want to loser her email.

I have been looking around and it seems there are a few ways to preserve the email by transferring it to a separate/new yahoo account (or even another provider like gmail) but I have not read a conclusive step-by-step approach to it yet.

What I've found:

(1) True Switch Tool
secure5.trueswitch.com/yahoo-uk/ ··· oo-uk/): Seems like the perfect answer to this question, but my problem is that the drop-down list for domains does not include "ameritech.net" so I am not sure how to leverage this solution.

(2) I read a post in here about what happens when you cancel (»Re: When cancelling, what happens to my email?), but I was not totally sure I understood the process of completely separating from teh ISP's domain to an independent and fully functional new address.

(3) The Yahoo Pops! tool which will allow you to circumvent the paid for service to download all your mail using POP services. I have used this successfully for myself in the past for archiving but I am unsure if it lets you upload from your PC to an account. I've only used it to download from webmail to my PC for storage.

Can someone assist me in determining the easiest and most cost effective way to help my sister retain her email in a new account?

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who reads this



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When you disconnect your service with AT&T HSI, the email is suspended automatically or within the next 60-90 days. After disconnect of service, you can browse to »mail.yahoo.com/ and sign on with your email id and password. It will let you know if the email has been suspended or not. If suspended it will give you the option to create a FREE Yahoo! email address. Just proceed with the instructions and once the FREE Yahoo email id is created all emails/address book/notes etc. in your ameritech.net inbox will be automatically moved to your new FREE Yahoo! email. If you have any problems call tech support at 1-877-722-3755 and ask to talk to Tier2 Support. But again all this would depend on if you are a Legacy or a Migrated/Yahoo! subscriber. If your sister has been able to check her @ameritech.net emails by signing on to »mail.yahoo.com/ it'd be a Migrated/Yahoo! account and she'd be able to relocate all her emails. I'm not really sure if that's the same with a Legacy account though.



Hi hexwiz,

Thanks so much for the very detailed explanation. I really appreciate it. I will pass this along to my sister and see how it works for her.

Thanks so much again for the prompt and easy-to-follow response