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Cleveland, OH

Cavalier DOA?

someone please help me to understand my smokeping graph...especially the last few days..A lot of times when I don't get any internet response, smokeping still seems to look good.

»/r3/sm ··· 0a81e75d

my service with cavtel continues to go up and down - at times in the last week I had no sync with the DSLAM...

but now it seems like I have sync but there is more trouble upstream in their routers...

I know yesterday they had a back outage in PA. somewhere because I heard it when I called into customer service.

I'm scheduled to get RoadRunner Thur Jan 31st the 7mbps down 1mbps up package along with digital cable and phone service. This so called triple play is 109 (123 with tax). It is supposed to be for new customers but she gave it to me, because honestly at that price they aren't loosing any money. Does anyone know of any better deals with TWC?

And is 7mbps the most you can get???

The phone service seems steep and they want to charge me extra for voicemail that I can't even get to on the web according to the lady.

I've really had it with Cavtel, when the service is down nearly 50% of the time it is time to call it quits. I spend most of my time like now connected via BT on Alltel EVDO.

sorry cavtel, I tried to give you guys a chance...


Marietta, GA
just looks like you were down for that period of time nothing more.