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East Elmhurst, NY
reply to tmpchaos

Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

Howdy All,
My name's Jon. I've dropped into this forum from time to time, but haven't spent too much time here. I've been on DSLR for awhile now, but mostly spend my time in just a couple forums here and there.

Anyhoo, I've been a Mac user since college (sometime back in the late 80s, I guess... ouch...) For the most part, my experience was all with OS 7, until 8 came out and things got really exciting! The first mac I owned outright was a Mac II, which I upgraded to a IIfx, or something along those lines. I used about every model available from 1987 into the mid-90s, though. My roommate spent 10 grand on a sweet Quadra with a whopping 500MB hard drive! I still support my dad's 9600, now running 0S 9, and the upgraded G4 I gave him that runs 10.4.

I don't use a Mac much at home, though I do have 2 G4s I'm rebuilding right now. I may keep one and give the other to my brother. At work, I'm a senior Windows SysAdmin running around 80 servers, and I just took over the Mac admin side when our Mac genius got fed up and left! We have 8 xserves, all with Xserve RAIDs attached, and about 250-300 Mac clients. Mostly Win clients, though - around 600 I think.

Under my desk at work, aside from a few PCs, I have these currently:
1. dual 2.6 GHz Xeon w/3gb RAM OS X 10.4
2. dual 2 GHz G5 w/1.5gb RAM OS X 10.4

I also have a small lab for testing, with a few Mac Pros/G5s. I'm running 10.4 on everything (a few 10.3 need to be upgraded). Just testing Leopard, too - we're not quite ready to roll that out!

Oh yeah, I won an iPod a year ago or so - but I traded it in to Best Buy for a digital camera... sorry!

I've got lots to learn, so I hope to be spending more time in here.