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reply to battleop

Re: T-Mobile

You come out talking about not signing a contract if you do not want certain restriction of the service which may or may not be stated in the contract. Let me ask you, have you ever read every word of every contract, lease, agreement, procedure, tos that you have come across. If you have then please continue talking out of your *ss as you just lied to yourself. Next time give some thought to your comment instead of just saying.. don't like don't buy it. There are times when one has to make stand as all alternates to not buying are just as bad as buying it.

As for the suit, I have a personal and business contract with tmobile and on my personal account i have received on average 20-30 txt message from unknown people costing me 10-15 dollars additional a month. I had to get a basic txt addon for $5 in the end to deal with as I have no choice to stop tmobile from sending me messages. I am glad people are starting to fight the 4 services (no competition providers) we have.
In Korea, I was able to get a very decent service with no stupid strings attached. Same in Japan while staying in both countries for short while. Can't we get some decent providers here.. oh wait I forget we are about free market (Market where everyone has to be greedy in order to create real competition)