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P2p Shouldn't Be A Crime

Bakersfield, CA

allow everything ever recorded to be downloadable

Imagine a world where you could search for and download literally any audio or video content you wanted from the last 70 years. You could download this content free of rediculous DRM restrictions, thereby giving you the freedom to play it on any device or computer operating system you wanted. You'd be able to max your internet line speed when downloading, as the content would be stored on huge server clusters, connected via multi-gigabit or 10Gigabit or greater internet links. And, the servers would be located at every major ISP point of presence, including at peering points and university networks.
This way, you'd be assured the fastest download possible, regardless of if you have 1.5mbps download, or you're on your company network connected to an OC-12.
Oh and users could submit their own audio for inclusion on this network as well. Pay a reasonable monthly or even yearly fee for this service, and I'd think all sides could win, especially if the **AA's made the effort to set up such a service, which they could do with the money they do have. So industry greeddy idiots, get with the program here, just try this new way of doing things, and quit treating every consumer that has a non-drm'd file as if their an evil criminal!

Doctor Four
My other vehicle is a TARDIS
Dallas, TX

I believe this is, in a nutshell, compulsory licensing. Pay
your ISP a monthly fee to download music and movies, and
the money goes to the labels, studios and their artists.

Unfortunately, the MAFIAA are too greedy and short sighted
to see that this is really the only way to compete with

They are raising a whole new generation who wants nothing
whatsoever to do with Big Four (soon to be Three as EMI
is planning to go independent) labels or the Big Six
motion picture studios. And soon some of these people
will reach the age when they can vote (or already are), or
get into political office (no more buying out Congress to
pass your pet anti-piracy laws.)
"The trouble with computers, of course, is that they are very sophisticated idiots." - Doctor Who (from Robot)

Noah Vail
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Lorton, VA
·Bright House

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reply to kd6cae

It's not just about money.

It's about control and the power that comes from it.

All members of Big Media (hereafter known as BM) are as focused on control over what you experience as they are the profits made therefrom.

A CEO only gets so much of a profit cut, but he gets All Of The Power from deciding what you experience, when you experience it and how it effects you.

Through industry manipulation their goal is to decide
which pop stars your daughter adore,
which songs will you memorize from FM,
how high or low your sons pants will be,
which old shows your wife will be able to see again,
which topics of the day you will ultimately care about.

Who is BM's one and only client?
Advertisers (includes politicos and other agendists).

Therefore, BM provides one service; marketing.

Not just the ads, but every show, song, movie, is carefully scrutinized to lead you somewhere where someone else can get what they want from you (money, form your opinion, desensitize you to what your kids experience, etc).

If you were to get real control over your audio/video choices it would screw up generations of BM planning.

Power is an addiction. BM heads will do Whatever it takes to maintain their hold over your world.

Abortion: A Republican Plot to Thin the Liberal Herd.

Pop Star


QFT +1

You rock dude.


New York, NY
reply to Noah Vail

True capitalism is the ultimate enemy of the anti-individualists.