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Hayward, CA

Tax and bleed us Dry

Glad to see that the vampires in LA have found yet another way to feed their habit. Now they will have to enlist the aid of your ISP to collect their extortion money.
Typical of tax and spend liberal social engineers and politicians.
The consumer is forced to continually pay and pay and pay. This ongoing TAX hikes scenarios is illegal and the lawyers know it. They use false information to hide the fact that they foisted a tax hike on the public NOT a tax cut. Look at the math: I'd much rather take 9% of a 100.00 base than 10% of 50.00 base. The increased base is due to them grouping any form of communication as taxable. Wonder when they are going to tax free speech-tax the contributors to newspapers. The public could raise a lot of money by taxing the politicians lies and broken promises and recovering the wasted money from kickbacks pay-offs and bribes as well as all the lobby money and the trips to foreign "sister cities". No wonder LA is beginning to smell more and more like a cesspool- a lot more crap is floating than ever before.