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Why not?

It is a tax reduction for the majority of people who use landline telephone- and why shouldn't VoIP providers pay their fair share if the telcos have to?

Scotch Plains, NJ
Because VOIP is not Telephone.


Hayward, CA
Not in the eyes of the politicians who got this passed.ALL communications users are subject to this tax. This law covers walkie-talkies as well because they transmit voice(communicate )over the air. It covers all forms of "communications" regardless of the technology. your handheld PDA will be subject to a tax when you use it to send a memo to yourself at the office. We'll be seeing a "per bit transmitted or received" charge sooner than later.
They won't be happy till the late great U S of A becomes just another 3rd world country with the power elite living fat and happy off of the masses. As I've said before fair taxes are a requirement to maintain and sustain a society and ensure that adequate and essential goods and services are provided for the needs of the public but taxes are paid by the people for the people and the people should not be lied to in order to approve a tax. They cite that the 10% tax will be reduced to 9% but they also said that they are ADDING a 9% TAX on various other communication forms. Just glad I don't live in L.A.
Its probably too late and L.A. will become another example of a failed society that allows the few to exploit the many.