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Big Russ, 1918 to 2008. Rest in Peace

New York, NY
reply to texans20

Re: Not Allowed

said by texans20:

We do not support BlackBerry devices anymore in our organization. If an end user wants mobile device access to their e-mail, we tell them to purchase a Windows Mobile device (we run Exchange). I've found that the WM 5 and WM 6 devices work with Exchange much better than the BlackBerrys.
Thats odd. I have literally had WM (phone) devices since before they were officially released in the US (I imported them from Asia). I have had over 12 different models for different carriers, and while I liked them very much, nothing beats Blackberry for email delivery. After dealing with years of delayed email delivery (even with the new "push" feature offered on WM), I was overwhelmingly surprised by the fact that the email on the BB simply "works".