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Niagara Falls, ON
reply to texans20

Re: Not Allowed

said by texans20:

Can't afford BES, our budget per year for equipment and IT software is less than $20,000, we support 155 users. Most of that is spent buying new hardware, and anti-virus licenses for each machine come from our budget. The WM devices work with no additional software to purchase. BES might be fantastic, it sure looks like it, but on our razor thin budget we have to go with what's already there.
If you're paying per meg for data access on the cell network, the amount of bandwidth saved by switching from WM to BB on BES alone will justify the cost, and even then there are companies that specialize in hosting BES for smaller organizations... though, 155 people is hardly small. The company I work for maintains dedicated BES installations for as little as 30 users. You guys are either really cheap, or don't understand just how much more useful BES is.
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