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If this really takes off....

Expect web and current advertising firms to bite the bullet in increased CPU time so that everything is SSL encrypted and to restructure sites so that traffic analysis won't work. This would be a slow process ... about as slow as NebuAD uptake would likely be ... but these players, if they will spend the money have it in their power to ensure that ISPs remain providers of "dumb pipes".

Poisoning the well is seldom a good business strategy.

This would be a good thing. However, it won't avert the invasion of privacy.

1. Most sites have no incentive to use SSL for anything other than financial transactions. They don't care about user privacy, and don't see the likes of Nebu-ad as a threat. Or if they think it's going to compete with their ads, they'll just contract with Nebuad instead of fighting it.

2. Even with an SSL connection, the addresses visited are visible to a device at the ISP.

I think the solution will have to come from legislation.

Kitchener, ON
As for #2, they can tell what host you're contacting but not what pages you're accessing.

If I wanted to say, check my adsense revenue, I could hit »www.google.com/adsense and this device could tell I hit a Google web server, but not much more beyond that. That _is_ the whole point of SSL (and why some ISPs like Rogers just degrade all encrypted connections because they can't tell if it's legitimate or someone trying to bypass their torrent throttling).