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Doctor Four
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reply to Noah Vail

Re: Shilling Effect.

said by Noah Vail:

I have a different stand on software and movies than I do music. Software and movies are owned or managed by the creators. There isn't the high level theft and collusion that there is in the music industry.

Software, maybe. Movies, absolutely not. Case in point of
the latter: Newline Cinema is being sued by the heirs of
J.R.R. Tolkein and Harper Collins for using the ideas in
the Lord Of The Rings and not paying them any royalties
for doing so. In other words, they are doing the same
thing they accuse p2p users of doing.

Another case in point: Disney, one of the worst
violators when it comes to others' copyrights, was sued
not too long ago by the heirs of Solomon Linda, the
original creator of The Lion Sleeps Tonight for using it in
The Lion King and paying a paltry $15,000 in royalties.
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said by Doctor Four:

In order words, they are doing the same thing they accuse p2p users of doing.
Actually it is much, much worse. P2p users generally are not out for profit. New Line Cinema is all about profit, and intentional copyright violation for profit should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A good lot of p2p is collecting for the sake of collecting.
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Noah Vail
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reply to Doctor Four
I may be out of touch on the movie making process. My understanding is that the majority of movies are made in house and often distributed by the studio or a subsidiary.

It's different than an artist who uses the studio's equipment, but writes and plays the music. Movies have one person write the script, the company composes and distributes the movie.

The cost of filming a movie vs performing an album is hugely different; unless you're Michael Jackson.

Hmmm. I'll have to give this some more thought. There's too many variables and too many stories I'm sure I haven't read yet.

Maybe I'll come to despise Big Film as well.

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