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Chicago, IL
reply to EPS4

Re: Fairpoint FiOS?

said by EPS4:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't FiOS been deployed in parts of NH? Are these going to be sold to FairPoint as well, or will they be retained by Verizon?

I believe this may be the first real split of a Bell Operating Company (the former New England Telephone)- will FairPoint now be considered a "Baby Bell" (Hey, Qwest is...)
If FIOS has been deployed, it won't be retained, they are selling the franchise. This type of business doesn't sell a customer at a time.

No Fairpoint won't be a baby bell, those were determined in 84.

Qwest is a baby bell because they were US West, subsequently purchased from Qwest and Nacchio's hubris. Ex ATT guy in charge of a company that made sense, but decided to buy Q for some reason (silly to me but I'm sure he was making money and fulfilling an egocentric desire). Course he followed ebbers...both playing poker in cushie executive prision (for the kids: crime might pay).

Since my opinion don't count, I'll lead you to the WIKI, which is *cough* more authoritative:


How do you defined splits of a Baby Bell? Qwest has been dumping pieces of their company for years. Search the FCC website. Then again, VZ has been selling off pieces too, small pieces in the northeast, but the biggest being HI telecom.