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Chicago, IL
reply to ski93

Re: Verizon/Fairpoint

said by ski93:

It is sooooo...sad....Verizon union workers crying that they don't want this deal....they didn't want the Fios deal..it was sharholders barking for the new services not the workers...it all boils down to OVER PAID & UNDERWORKED techs who want business as usual...stop at the NID/NIU do nothing for it's customers...over charge for old school DSL and analog phone services via twisted pair cooper and hope for the best...At this point bring on Fairpoint...they CAN'T DO ANY WORSE than those clowns over at Verizon...Fairpoint needs to complete a FIOS type rebuild and compete with CATV and other providers...Verizon can drop dead in my book...they have set the bar soooooo loooowwww that Billy Bob and his cousin could step in and do a far better job..But thats my two cents..
Simple enough. The interface is where a communications provider ends their responsibility. If you have an issue inside your network, hire billy bob (likely cheaper). Of course you can hire the provider - their issue, their cost.

Then again, who cares what the unions think. No one asks what any other employees of a company think. Good point.

On the other hand, don't expect too much from fairpoint.
Last time I googled em, they are just an investment firm looking for a dividend, not bad, just not good either.

Sorta like asking your bank to provide buy your telephone/gas/electric/isp/ company.