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said by PDXPLT:

said by viperlmw:

If it's a monopoly, than it's one sanctioned by the Company, because a Collective Bargaining Agreement is an AGREEMENT, reached by BOTH sides.
It's not an agreement freely reached. The employer has a gun to its head; i.e., they have to agree to it in order to purchase labor. They can't go elsewhere for those services. The union thus has monoploy power.
Believe me, management wouldn't agree to it if it didn't benefit them (stable, trained, qualified workforce invested in the Company, highly structured working conditions, highly structured pay scales and disciplinary processes, assured thru the life of the contract, etc.).
Next you're going to try to sell us a bridge in Brooklyn. Very, very few companies would prefer to continue to deal with a union, if they had the option not to. Any CEO that said so would be fired by the Board.
BTW, remember your 'market value of that labor' when you recommend the NFL fire Eli Manning, or the NBA fire Shaq, etc. as they are all card carrying Union members.
At least the unions in the entertainment industries (sports, TV, movies, etc.) permit performance-based compensation, rather than protecting mediocrity by insisting on seniority-based compensation (i.e., get a raise just for showing up).
There is no gun to management's head. They have the option of firing everyone and bringing in a non-union workforce. They can even do it during a strike, and have the option to 'lock out' the Union workforce. As for the Brooklyn Bridge, I'm not selling anything, I'm just re-iterating the typical management line whenever a new contract is agreed upon. As for those raises, that's not always the case. For example, the Union I belong to agreed to NO pay raises for 3 years, because the company was having some financial difficulty. Now that company is back to profitability and paying a dividend, and management credits, in part, it's close working relationship with it's Union personnel. So, while some boards may be hostile to Unions, others are not. Plus, every contract is different. Performance based incentives and raises are showing up more and more in contracts.