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Re: MonaRonaDona "virus"?


According to the virus list it wounds as thought unigray anti-virus created this virus. Sounds like a good conclusion since they are the only program I can find that says they can remove it and according to the article this unigray has only been around 2 weeks (how convenient)!


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Don't get the unigray anti-virus, since it sounds like they are the one to create the virus. Funny how they are the only virus removal software that can find the virus. Hum!

Anyway to remove the name from your taskbar after you remove it out of windows:
Run Regedit.exe (in Windows XP or later) for your registry editor and look for string HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main (Then scroll down to window title and you will find the MonaRonaDona - DELETE IT!!!!!!!)
It should be gone next time you reboot your computer.


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bcastner, I am sur eyou have heard it a million times already, but YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for the little removal program. It kicked A$$!!!!


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Thanks for your earlier comments. I have now tried your "KillTrojan" prog., got the veryfast black-box happening, and then restarted my computer.
My OE andIE progs are running faster and I'm not "losing" keys on my keyboard, so I,m hopeful that all is well.(I replaced my Task manager using some previously gleaned information.)and it runs as normal, so I hope that all is well.
Thanks for your good help


Dover, DE
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Bill! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After many other attempts to remove the annoyance, your suggestion worked!


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I LOVE YOU!!! this was so easy!!!

Rick G

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Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you. This worked when nothing else did.


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- "Do not leave warm thoughts to the cooling influences of the world" -unknown

Thanks for the help! It worked perfectly!