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Jason Levine

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Re: I don't like France's proposed policy

I could definitely see this happening.

E-mail a photo to your family whose name raises copyright flags: Strike #1

Tech Support Response: "We're sorry about that. It must have been a false positive. Unfortunately, we're unable to remove strikes, but don't worry, they'll expire on their own soon enough."

Short while later, e-mail a clip of your child singing a nursery rhyme. Raises flags for being an MP3: Strike #2

Tech Support Response: "There definitely isn't a bug in our systems. Are you sure you didn't share anything off of a P2P network? We can't reverse this otherwise all pirates would claim innocence. Just be more careful what you do next time."

Not too long after that, browsing a website triggers an edge case in the filters and you get Strike #3. This time Tech Support immediately, upon seeing your account, sends you over to the ISP's new Copyright Education and Protection division which instructs you that you can have your connectivity back if you take some courses on why copyright protection is essential, sign documents confirming that you are a pirate, and pay a $100 fine.
-Jason Levine
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