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Monroe, MI

Cavalier really does suck

Here is a copy of my formal complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission:

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I have had several conversations with them about settling the case. Their position is that, since I cancelled my contract, they are justified in charging me a $3500 cancellation fee, which negates my request for damages.

I responded that no court with any common sense would require compliance to a contract of adhesion, particularly in light of the massive service outages we experienced, on one occasion being out of service for four days. That's simply unacceptable performance on a business account.

The attorney for Cavalier, Noah Bason, said, basically, "Outages happen, it doesn't mean we let you out of your contract."

I haven't decided if I want to settle for zero, to avoid the time and expense of having to go to Lansing, but I can tell you this... I own a web server, and will be building this weekend.

Salisbury, MD
Sorry you had to find out the hard way. It would be nice to let more people know how bad they treat their customers.

Baltimore, MD
reply to ThomasFox
Here's another new one form cavtel. They are doing away with their mail servers. Here's the funny part.... now, keep in mind, you are getting screwed here. You are losing part of the service you were paying for. This is Cavtel's take on the matter:

Cavalier is new and improved!
Now enhanced with Google Apps*
Dear Customer,

You should have received a letter from us last week detailing our exciting move to the Google Apps suite. If you did not receive the letter, please read below for very important information concerning your email account(s).

As we mentioned in the letter, we have been working hard to provide you with the best Hi-Speed Internet service available. And, we think that we've accomplished that with our revolutionary partnership with Google. Under this new suite, we'll be able to offer a new and improved Hi-Speed experience, including applications such as GMail, Google Calendar, Picasa and so much more.

In order to offer these amazing features, we must move your account to our new suite. All of your folders and email will be transferred for you - just remember to follow the easy instructions to customize your preferences in the new system!

As a reminder, only accounts that have been active within the last 90 days will be moved. To make sure your email account gets transferred to the new system, please log into your email within the next 14 days.

If you experience any issues during the move (which we hope you won't), you can contact one of our friendly Technical Representatives, who are available night and day, by visiting or by calling 866-221-1063.

We hope you are excited about using these wonderful new applications and such an amazing email suite!

Your Cavalier Team

PS: Please visit us at to learn more about Google Apps!

*Google Apps, Gmail, Start Page, Google Calendar, Product Search, and Picasa are all registered trademarks of Google, Inc.
Gmail* - Cavalier's email is now enhanced by Google with over 6GB of storage space.

Start Page* - Access your inbox, calendar, docs and group info, and search the web from one place!

Google Calendar* - Coordinate your schedule with family and friends - share your calendar with whomever you like.

Additional free Google applications offered through Cavalier:

Product Search* - Search for stuff to buy from bike helmets to spice racks... whatever you want, you can find it here!

Picasa* - Organize and share all your photos with others through email, prints, and on the web.

I like the part that says they are trying to provide us with the best high speed service available. I asked the nimrod on the phone I spoke to how this makes my high speed service the best available and he said, quote, "well you'll get your email faster." What a joke. I swear Cavtel, I'm gonna find a way to get away from you lying bunch of arses. And I can't wait until somebody proves that you are using reachdsl with all of your customers and telling the ones who deserve better service a lie. Yes a lie. You are a bunch of bald faced liers who only offer reachdsl. The speed is like taking a roller coaster ride.


Chesterfield, VA
reply to ThomasFox
used to work for them....get verizon. Even if you choose cavtel, cavtel uses verizon's line's equipment,etc.....and if you ever have a problem with their service, 9 times out of 10 its verizon who fixes yourself the hassle. Get Verizon...


Spring City, PA
reply to ThomasFox
Verizon = either PPPoE or FiOS. PPPoE means getting your connection reset every two hours, losing 10% of your speed, and having to run special software to use a domain name. FiOS means losing your copper forever and having about 3 hours of phone service when the power goes out in an emergency-- which is when it's most likely that your mobile phone won't work and you'll really need it. Both services mean blocked ports and constant scans by their auditors confusing your PC and equipment and slowing your connection.

I haven't even mentioned the price difference.