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Palatine, IL

never happen

It will never happen. There are too many local, state and country boundries. No one will agree on crime/punishment. The cost to hire an internet cop would be very high since they would actually have to know what they are doing and not just pull people over and eat donuts. This is money better spent combating terrorism or the next school shooting(which would probably go up after some kid gets a 25k fine for downloading songs. I really could see some teen freaking out and killing over this).
Not too mention every ISP would have to upgrade all their core juniper and cisco gear so that it could do all the content filtering. Then to go through all the content that creates hit would be a boring thankless job. Lets say you do find a pirate and they are downloading music in China. Chances are China will just give you the finger and say too bad.
BTW the French are facist bastards and the day the world takes their lead on a policy will be a dark day indeed