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Bronx, NY
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Re: I don't like France's proposed policy

All i can say is amazing, when people complain about something, like isps blocking stuff and ask for some kind of regular from the government to stop it these guys come out o the wood work and argue that the free market should decided , let the free market handle it, if you dont like it dont subscribe to that isp, these are citizens asking for help from the government to fix something they feel will become a problem. So now we have a private entity that wants another private entity to impose restrictions and to violate there customers privacy for this private entities gain. So why dont i see anyone saying that the free market should decide this, but guess what the free market has decided this. According to the RIAA/MPAA they are loosing sales, which if this is true then the free market has chosen not to support your outdated model, so stop trying to force 3rd parties to bend to your will. ( dont get started on this whole piracy thing). If you feel someone is stealing from you then go through the due process and charge them a reasonable fee for the violation and actually prove your case. The market has spoken now evolve or die.