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Slow Speeds

Since monday 3rd of march the speed has really bottomed out, only 3 Mbps and I am paying for the 15 Mbps!
The whole system went dowm at 6:30 AM monday and wasnt back up until about 8:30 AM and since that date the speed has never went back up, it shouldnt take 5 days to get the speed back up to what it was. Is Bresnan going to adjust my billing to compensate for the loss?



So glad to know it isn't just us that are having extremely slow speeds as of late. My husband and I are both avid games and went from seeing latency of around 100-200 in game to 700+ (which is just nasty to deal with).

Contacted Customer Service many times, got a tech out to the house, who installed an amplifer to the modem (no improvement at all) and finally got them to send us a Speed test form to send to the tech. Will let you know what I find out.


Sterling, CO
reply to DonaldB

Same here. Got the same Speed Test Form to fill out. They're probably just going to tell us that it is outside of their network and can't do anything about it. Which at the moment it's starting to look that way, 128Kb to the east coast. Did their speed test while I was on the phone with the tech and the server directly inline was doing horrible, but the others were doing nearly double the speed. So I'm not sure what the heck is going on.
Just got done doing a Line Quality Test and the first 10 hops from the East Coast look great, then we hit this address and things start getting a 300+ ms latency. Even says my modem has one that bad (I guess it could be my modem).



There is a known issue in Sterling, CO that Bresnan is working to fix.
Sterling routes through Grand Junction, CO and Bresnan's primary upstream provider (Qwest) in Grand Junction has run out of capacity. Bresnan has been working with a few other internet providers to alleviate this issue. As of Thursday 4/03/08, they were able to add an additional OC3 (155Mb) of internet access to Grand Junction, which should help the speed/latency issues.
They are also doing some major upgrades to the local infrastructure in Sterling, and you should start seeing better speeds and service in general in the coming weeks/months.

Please feel free to email me, and I can help look into any issues (speed or service) that you may be having. This applies to any Bresnan Customer.