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Jason Levine

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reply to stevedaytona

Re: [Scam] New York Record Retrieval, Inc.

A reasonable profit for providing a service is one thing, but making a 1200% profit on a service rises (in my mind at least) to the level of scam.

I'm sure different counties have different procedures, but this is what my County Clerk's office had to say about it:

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Albany County Clerk Tom Clingan Advises Property Owners to Beware of Deed Copy Scam

My office has received calls from concerned property owners about communications that they've received from "New York Retrieval, Inc" offering to secure a certified copy of the deed to their property for a fee of nearly $60.00.

This private company is in fact re-selling certified copies of deeds that can be purchased directly from my office for about ONE-TENTH of that price.

I am asking the news media to let the public know that these mailings are NOT coming from my office, which is the ONLY source for certified copies of property deeds. The public needs to know that New York Retrieval, Inc., is NOT a government entity.
The county clerk goes on to say that (for Albany, NY) deeds can be purchased online for $1.25 per page (minimum $5 fee). I've seen similar statements from other county clerks when searching for information on NY Record Retrieval, Inc.

EDIT: Minimum, not maximum.

-Jason Levine
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