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Tulsa, OK
reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: If it's easy to break into your house, it's OK then?

said by MyDogHsFleas:

said by elios:

yes but its your own fault you left it there

if you leave some thing out in the open like long enough some one is going to take it
What you say is completely true. It would be stupid for me to leave something out in my front yard that I didn't want to be taken.

However, that does NOT make it legal for someone to take it. If I catch the guy who took it and press charges, his defense of "it's your fault because you left it in your front yard" is not going to work.
You misunderstand. It's like you leaving all your stuff out on your front lawn with a sign that says "take what you please." It's a fair assumption that anything that's on an HTTP server is intended for public consumption, barring a password or some other access control being in place.

I don't need explicit permission from my bank to type in the URL to their online banking application.
It's wierdo, not weirdo. Yes, I know that's not the 'proper' spelling of the similar english language word.