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Hesperia, CA
reply to N10Cities

Re: To paraphrase a line from Emperor Palpatine....

said by N10Cities:

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational STREISAND EFFECT!
I was just going to post about that. That is EXACTLY what is happening here. I have no sympathy for MobiTV, they had a couple of choices on how to deal with this and they took the wrong one.

Make no mistake, YOU CANNOT COPYRIGHT A URL! So Mobitv has NO GROUNDS to call for a suit of any kind.

If you take that a step further, and actually USE THOSE INSTRUCTIONS, then you are breaking the law. but the post that contained the original URL and INCREDIBLY SIMPLE instructions does not break any law that I've heard of, canadian, US, or otherwise.

This was just a desperate attempt by the management of MobiTV to try to crush the story. In doing so, thanks to their bonehead move, exponentially more people now know about it. Smooth move, exlax!