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Layton, UT
reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: If it's easy to break into your house, it's OK then?

said by MyDogHsFleas:

I'd say your analogy could stand a little tweaking. What it's really like is if I had the big drapes closed, but around the side of the house, there was an unmarked button. If you tried pushing the button, you'd find it opened the drapes and you could see what was going on. Then I came out and yelled at you for opening the drapes. Your defense is, "But the button is right over there! All I have to do is push it! If you didn't want your drapes open, you should have protected your button!" And then you wrote a story for the local paper telling people where the button is and how to press it.

I specified they did not go on your property. The drapes symbolize the protection codes that are on smart web sites that are for pay. Now if they published the security codes (ie trespassed on your lawn to push the button to draw your drapes...novel concept there, an outdoor drape control for inside drapes...) then you would be correct.
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