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My network key keeps changing.

I've recently setup a new wireless network. I've switched from cable modem to a dsl modem. The wireless and the internet work fine but, quite often, the internet stops working even though the wireless network is still connected with excellent signal.

I noticed that when I right click wireless connection icon and click on view available network to click on my network name, the network key is automatically typed in for me.

The weird thing is the network key automatically typed in for me is the wrong network key I know this because my new network key is longer....I think its like the old one.( my new network name is different from the previous network name)

So what is causing this weird network key issue? Is this the reason why my internet dosent work from time to time?

really appreciate it if anyone can help me out

Bloom County
With my Linksys router the key field has a certain number of *'s no matter how long the key actually is (after initially setting up the key). If the key was changed you should lose total connection - ie the network would be disconnected I believe.

In the WZC or the wireless client you use - I would delete all instances of any wireless network connection and reboot and see if it gets better.


Elgin, IL
reply to Will
Make sure you set the SSID of your wireless network to a unique name if it is not already. Otherwise your PC may try to associate with a neighbor's wireless. You might also try changing your wireless network to a different channel (like 1 or 11) if their is a strong neighbor on channel 6.

What, I can have feathers
Conway, SC
Most wireless setups, both by 3rd parties and Windows own setup don't show the actual 'length' of the key with *'s, as that would be a pretty big security issue.

It is saving the key. You have something else going on.