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St Thomas, VI

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Re: Paying for incoming messages?

said by Brazbit:

said by FFH5:

Some one wants to talk to me they can call the phone # and speak. And if it isn't important or urgent, they can email me. What have I missed by not getting a text msg?
That is my take on it. You have the dang phone in your hands already. You could call say what needs to be said and hang up in less time then it takes to type out a message in broken english. I would love to disable text, email, im, internet, camera, games, wallpapers, screen savers, and every other useless money sucking feature on the phone and go back to just having a phone again.
heh...then you'd hate me cause I love my blackberry! Texting has its advantages and no, the time it takes me to punch out a quick txt is LESS than it takes to make a call, wait for 5 rings, then wait for VM and then finally leave a message. screw that.