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Riverbank, CA
reply to I Need Speed

Re: Comcast and JD Powers come to Houston

First off THANK YOU I Need Speed. Being a tech that was a great thing to hear from you. I do not work in the Houston area but Calif. Many of the points you made , I have as well from the inside. Some have been addressed from higher levels, and some have not. I cant go into detail for obvious reasons , but just know that We the techs have a lot of the same feelings as you do. Some of the programs in place are leading to a Single tech resolution . I wish it where perfect but its not. For starters Our schedules dont match yours , so on a simple manpower issue we cannot always see a problem through from beginning to end. In my particular area I have done this many times , and am actually making a call today to follow through on a phone issue from last week (yes its my day off and I still get some work done). I personally took this case by the horns and ran with it. I knew I would be one of the only people in our area to get a resolution , due to the contacts that I have. The customer has been extremely frustrated (as you were for quite some time) and it should all be resolved tomorrow. Do I ask anything for going above and beyond , NO , just the fact that it is done will make me happy. Most the techs I know and work with feel the same. Some dont , and I dont like that fact. I cannot change that from my position , but I can sure as heck try to instill my knowledge and work ethic onto others.
Again Thank you for your input into some of the things that I as a tech , have issues with as well. It is good to see that a very prominent person was there and actually listening , and noting things as well.