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San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI

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reply to gar187er

Re: Comcast and JD Powers come to Houston

said by gar187er:

Yes you heard me wright Comcast seems to have a problem conveying information within its own organization. The beef that most of us had was the chore of re-telling our story to every new person we talked to including what the last tech tried or what customer service had us try. In this day and age of computers and technology why is it so hard to keep records of an ongoing problem?
thats every major company....systems just arent inplace for that...whether its telecom, utilities, retail, etc....sucks as a technician, but more often then not, its best to start from step 1 so as not to overlook anything....because if your still having issues, then something obviously was missed along the way...
That's part of the reason i like t-mobile for my wireless. When i have to call up technical support for something, i usually have to get transfered to a department or two. After explaining the issue to the first rep, they generally make full notes about what is going on and just about always stay on the line to explain to the next department what the issue is in full detail. (for going from customer care to pda support or internet support).

While i don't expect them to stay on the line, tell the next rep what is going on, and then transfering me to the new rep, it is nice. And the few times (and i mean few times) when i have to wait a few minutes for a rep and they can't wait on hold, the next rep will have full notes already on their screen. I never get asked what happened. They just follow up with the issue at hand.

If comcast took the t-mobile approach at customer care, they could easy help their image. (and save time and money!) T-Mobile may have coverage issues, lack 3g, and have the phone lineup of a 3rd world country, but you can't say much about their customer support. (I was having issues with my blackberry curve and uma working. The rep did a ticket and even called me back a few days later asking me if everything worked out! I had a friend make a change to her rate plan. She could not do it until the end of her billing cycle. The rep offered to call her back on the day after her billing cycle. The rep kept her word and called back! That is good customer service!)

It will take a lot of hard work but would pay off for comcast to take an active interest in the customer support.