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Yarmouth Port, MA
reply to Bellundo

Re: yay sandvine

said by Bellundo :

Disregard anything Deadpool says. He's paid by an isp north of the border that makes him say anything (true or untrue) sort of like a puppet with attachable strings.
I appreciate being warned about the trolls, I know your intentions were good.

But with respect, I don't think Deadpool is trolling. Other than those things clearly recognizable as opinions, he's spoken with facts. Trolls (or shills) don't behave that way. They relate opinions as if they were immutable fact and fail to have an open mind in the other direction. He's also been a member here for only two weeks less than I have -- if someone is a jerk, that doesn't happen.

I think we both generally disagree opinion-wise, but based on my own experience, I know that it is unlikely that Sandvine's P2P Policy Enforcement is being used in a big way at a Telco. Based on the behavior reported by Rogers.ca customers, what they're seeing is not Sandvine-like behavior.

Don't ignore him, value and consider his different point of view and solicit his expertise to help you fill in the blanks.

You can't learn much of anything by only talking to those who agree with you.
Robb Topolski -= funchords.com =- Hillsboro, Oregon
"We don't throttle any traffic," -Charlie Douglas, Comcast spokesman, on this report.