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911 call on DSL line with no phone

My neighbour has a normal phone line and another phone line for DSL. 2 different phone lines. I know that they only needed 1 phone line, but they did not. They did not even know that the DSL line had a phone number. They do not have a phone plugged into the second line.

The problem... about 2-5 times per week then DSL phone line makes a 911 call. Verizon says it must be their phone. They don't accept that the line does not have a phone. I know a phone line can't make phone calls. So where are the calls coming from?

The police don't seem to blame Verizon. I would think the police would contact Verizon and get this fixed.

Any ideas?



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Don't know it seems really spooky, what could tell you. Best guess is: The computer has a filtered dial up modem connected to the line? As a result, a virus or a legitimate Accessibility assistant (misbehaving) of some sort. Given that it exists dials the Emergency. Does it do it exactly the same time every time? Like predictable schedule?


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It is random. But mostly at night, I think.
I don't think his computer has a modem.
I have not seen it myself, but I am told nothing is connected to the phone line. They did not know the DSL included a phone line.

Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ
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Verizon needs to fix it whatever it is. A similar situation happened to my brother-in-law. While taking a nap one day he was awakened to police entering the house with guns drawn after a 911 call was placed. Took a while to convice the cops that everyting was ok and that nobody actually placed a call. It's not a DSL or computer issue either. He's never had DSL or his computer connected to the phone line. It's also not the first time I've seen it brought up here. Your neighbor should contact Verizon phone services and try to get it resolved. If that doesn't work, your state Public Utilities Commission should be contacted.

Dazed Confused
Mount Vernon, NY
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I hope he doesn't live in Anchorage!