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how do i disable at&t firewall to be able to seed torrents

i have no problem downloading from other people with torrents or whatever, but i guess the firewall blocks people from being able to dl off of me and its messing up my share ratio. is there a way i can turn off the firewall for my comp so i can seed? also does it matter if theres other comps hooked up in my house? let me know if you know. thanks!

Powell, WY
You can put the computer in the DMZ and open all ports, but it would probably be better to only forward the port that you are using for BT for security purposes.

reply to mattrodd
whats DMZ and BT


Frisco, TX

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DMZ is a zone on the router to which all ports are open, i.e. no firewall.
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BT is short for bittorrent....

Please forward the port the client is using instead for security-reasons.


Good luck!
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reply to mattrodd
Just wondering if you know for a fact its the router and not actually AT&T. For example, Comcast blocks seeding and other ISPs throttle or even completely block p2p downloading. I'm thinking about switching to U-verse and I want to make sure I'm not making things worse for myself.

Mchenry, IL
As of now ATT doesn't block p2p traffic.