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Re: [Credit Card Fraud] fraud: www.prophotosland.com & www.phot

said by jswanson:

Another one to watch out for... www.glossyeldorado.com. Gotta love that name

MGD... please add to the db! ..............
Done !!

said by jswanson:

.......The most annoying thing for me is that my credit card company charged me $10.00 for a new card... to make sure the $9.87 doesn't turn into a recurring charge I am made to pay $10.00. I will be cancelling that card.
That is unbelievable !!

You are actually saving them money by telling them to cancel and reissue the card. You are not liable for fraudulent charges, it becomes their problem. The alternative is to allow these criminals to hit the card with new charges every two weeks, and let the Bank deal with them. Until such time as they catch on, and decide to re issue it at their own expense.

If this is a National or large Regional Bank, please name them. The only possibility that I am thinking of, is that they are a small credit union or something. Either way it is ridiculous to charge a customer, who through no fault of their own, becomes the victim of card fraud. I am not even sure that it is legal under Federal Law to do so. I could see it if you had lost the card, or otherwise contributed to the problem. Just on principle alone I would raise all kinds of commotion with that institution. It has to be a small non profit credit union or something, correct?. If not, they via their CSR are entirely clueless. They just don't get it.




It was a small credit union as you guessed and believe me, I will be talking to someone pretty high up about their policy. I will most likely also close the account as I have not been happy with their response.

Thanks for all of your work on this!