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Kennesaw, GA

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HD content of your display has been compromised

Hi all, did a search but have found nothing addressing this problem. I'm new to HDTV and Comcast HD service. I have a Motorola DCT 3412 DVR STB and a Sharp Aquos LC42D64U HDTV. I have it connected from the HDMI output of the STB to one of the HDMI inputs of the television. Everything has been fine for the month or so I have had both of these. Today I was surfing HD channels and I get a blue screen with a message that said something close to "hd content protection of your display has been compromised use y pr pb" then the screen went to solid green and would not display input from the cable box. My pc and Blu-ray DVD player were still fine so I'm pretty sure this wasn't a problem my TV. I powered off my cable box and TV and re-powered a few minutes and turned my TV and STB back on and everything was fine again picture displayed with 1080i displayed as the input signal as it was before. Is it something that happens regularly or do I have a problem with my box? Is there something I can do to prevent this other than switching to component cables?

Myerstown, PA
Try a new HDMI cable?

Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA

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You can either switch to component or just deal with it when it happens. While the Moto boxes seem very susceptible to this issue, it's an HDCP error. The newer firmware version within the Moto boxes was to address this, but the problem still exists. It can happen on your HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, PS3, and X-Box 360 as well, but since these devices are regularly shut off/reset the problem is rarely seen. Sometimes it's just a data error, where the TV and STB aren't talking very well; other times the box isn't listening when the TV sends it it's HDCP parameters, the call times out, and the STB thinks it's connected to something that isn't HDCP compliant (so it sends the green screen out on the digital connection which is the HDMI/DVI port).

Reading, PA

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reply to Chemcat
I read about this issue all the time, but I don't have the problem. Perhaps it's a certain combination of TV manufacturer, Motorola model and firmware, and HDMI cable.

I have the 6412 Phase 2 with DVI to HDMI cable on a Samsung HP-T4254 Plasma TV. The only issue is occasionally video distortion at power up, if the set top is left on an HD channel, but since I changed the native resolution of the Motorola to 1080i and Stretch, I haven't seen that video anomaly. My box has firmware 16.35.

My buddy has an intermittent HDMI audio problem on his 6416 Phase 3 running firmware 16.42 on Service Electric Cablevision. He keeps the DVR on 24/7, so that's on first. Then the TV is powered on. On SD channels the audio is fine, but as soon as you switch to an HD channel with 5.1 sound (note 2.1 works fine), the audio is gone. A simple soft power cycle to the Motorola box fixes it until next TV power cycle. This is not something we've ever noticed, because he normally has the digital audio connection to a 5.1 system, but his receiver blew, so he's saving for a better one.

The HDCP mechanism in HDMI seems to be partially broken. Either that or certain manufacturers are not complying 100% to spec. Just check the Comcast.net TV forums or AVS forums. Everything form DCT-6412's to DCH-3416's and even the Tivo software seems to suffer from anomalies on certain TV's. Green screens, to audio issues, to the message you have. One of the most problematic situations seems to be when passing HDMI through an AV Receiver. Sometimes it works but many times it doesn't. It's like rolling the dice with these things. It's a shame it's such a gamble of "will it work", but that seems to be the case.

It's not just Motorola either. My friends PACE HD-DVR had a bug when switching from an HD channel to an analog channel, the screen would be in shades of green until a power cycle. Luckily since his provider started doing digital simulcast it appears fixed, as there are only 5 analog channels left on his system (all available in HD anyway).

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to Chemcat
make sure your hdmi cable is 1.3 hdmi compliant...


Kennesaw, GA
Thanks for the responses, very educational information. I'm thinking/hoping it's an anomaly because except for that one time I've had nothing but excellent results from both the TV and STB. I have been leaving the STB on 24/7. I do have 1.3a compliant HDMI cables, I made sure of that when I bought them but I will swap the HDMI cable with another I have between the STB and TV just in case.


reply to Chemcat
Disconnect the HDMI from your STB, unplug the STB from the wall, wait 10 seconds, plug everything back in, then turn on your TV first, then your STB. You should have everything back. That resets the HDCP lockout.