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Cost for basic cable and internet?

Im possibly getting an apartment soon, so every thing that goes with it is new.

Whats the cost for basic cable and 6mb internet?


Wayne, WV
What is your area/zipcode?

Here is the prices in WV:
The price for each service if you got them seperate:
Basic $19.99
Exp. Basic $35.00
6 Meg Internet $39.99

Here are the basic packages.

Basic Link $74.99
Includes: Basic, Expanded Basic, 1.5 Meg Internet

Value Link Silver $79.99
Includes: Basic, Expanded Basic, One Digital Tier, 1.5 Meg Internet Requires Digital Receiver Rental

Value Link Gold $89.99
Includes: Basic, Expanded Basic, One Digital Tier, 6 Meg Internet Requires Digital Receiver Rental

Digital Receivers (Required for Value Link)
Standard Digital Receiver $6.99
Additional Digital Receiver $6.99

DVR Service & Receiver $9.99

HDTV/DVR Service & Receiver $14.99

Getting all three seperate in WV will run you $94.98 per month (not including taxes & fees)

Getting the Value Link Gold package plus a standard digital receiver will run you $96.98 per month (not including taxes & fees)

Thanks for the reply. my zip is 25064.

I did some more reading after I posted, i want basic cable, and the Expanded Basic.

What is the 'One Digital Tier'?

and What is the "Digital Receiver Rental"? And how much does that cost?

thanks for the info.

Oh, nevermind my question about the reviver rental... I over looked it in your post. But im assuming thats a monthly fee, right?



Wayne, WV
Yep for the Value Link Gold package to receive the channels in the digital tier of your choice you have to rent a receiver from Suddenlink for a per month price. (If you are just wanting basic TV I recommend the Standard Digital receiver.)

Suddenlink offers three tiers.

You can chose the Family Tier, Movie Tier, or Sports Tier.

Family Tier has the most channels out of the three tiers and the most variety. You get extra MTV and VH1 channels that play mainly music videos, an extra BET channel, extra Nickelodeon channels, extra Discovery channels, Lifetime Movie Network, extra Weather Channel called WeatherScan, extra History channel and Biography channel.

Movie Tier includes the six premium Encore channels that are also included with the Starz Premium. Other channels included are Fox Movie Channel, Sundance, IFC, Reelz, and Logo.

Sports Tier is Suddenlink's collection of sports channels. With this tier you get ESPNews, ESPN U, CBS College Sports (formally CSTV), three Fox College Sports channels, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports World en Espanol and FitTV.

If you want an additional tier you just pay an additional $6 per month for the additional tier.

If I were you I would get the Value Link Gold and rent a digital receiver. That all together is $96.98 per month excluding taxes and plus it gives you more channels.

If you just get Basic, Exp. Basic, and 6 Meg Internet you would pay $94.98 per month excluding taxes.