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Pensacola, FL
reply to OSUGoose

Re: Wait a minute.....

said by OSUGoose:

There is no fricken way it will cost that much money if you go over, jusus Karl can u at least try and hide your anti-telco shill bashing.

There is no way at&t is this balsy or gutsy to try and pull this, even consider it is at&t were talking about. Are they seriously wanting to loose all data business they have. I'm shure alot of those corporate acts will get pulled once a few of their users get dinged with these overages, esp when its proven the employee was using it SOLELY for work needs.

Perhaps at&t should start billing their service and repair centers for their usage of the wireless data network. Yes thats right kiddies that tech that comes to fix your POTS/DSL/U-Verse line, with that nice metal looking laptop (panasonic toughbook) is taking up data space when he is running tests and getting maps to get to your house and such. And i doubt they are charging landline repair for their usage which is def more than 5gb a month.
Instead, maybe AT&T deploy fiber and get rid of most of the copper techs. What do you think VZ is going to do in the future?
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