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Abbie Nomail

reply to Lizz

Re: Email Problems?

I have not received any email today, either. No spam. Nada. I suspect something is terribly broken at ATT Yahoo's email system.

Fullerton, CA


I'm not sure how to post a link to another thread, but if you scroll up a little and click on the link to "where has my spam gone" in gdm's message to me you'll see what I found out.

And since you say you're not getting any regular emails, you might want to check that you haven't done the dumb thing I somehow managed to do: put your own address in the "block sender" list. Since it takes a few steps to accomplish that, I'm still at a loss as to how I did it.

I think I've gotten only 2 spam emails today. That count was always much, much higher, so I hope that what ATT/Yahoo is doing is working . . . and NOT also stopping "real" email!