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routed bridge mode/bridge mode

my westell 6100 and wrg614 netgear router are up and running however I want my router to reflect my public IP address instead of the private one being issued by my modem. Is this accomplished by changing my a setting on the modem from routed bridge to bridge mode? If so, being that my pc is already up and running through my router can I leave all as is and make the change or do i need to disconnect my router and connect my pc to the modem directly?

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Well, can you access the modem GUI the way things are now ?
If you can, you can work on it, but before you do, you need to understand whether you have a DHCP or a PPPoE connection to your ISP.
If it's PPPoE, go ahead and bridge the modem then set your router to handle the PPPoE.
But if it's DHCP, before you bridge the 6100, find the release button in the GUI and release the public IP. This is important as the MAC of the 6100 will be bound to that IP in the server, it needs to be released, unbound, so the server will accept the new MAC from the router. If you don't release the IP, the server won't give an IP to the new MAC. If you can't release the IP, or it renews too fast, you can clone the MAC of the 6100 into your router to "fool" the server. If you do that, it's best after connecting to then disable the MAC cloning feature, release the public IP from within the router, and connect with the router's own MAC.
To bridge the 6100, the VCI Protocol needs to set to Bridge, the VCI Mode needs to changed from Routed Bridge to Bridge, and the DHCP server needs to be disabled. (the 6100 will have no internet light when bridged)