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Tavistock NJ

Google won a VERY small victory - for now

Running a wireless company is outside their area of expertise. And the cost of the license is just a very small part of the total cost to build a wireless business. And Google surely didn't want the headaches of dealing with governmental agencies(local, state, federal) all over the country. And they also would have had to expand their customer service and sales organizations by an order of magnitude if they got in to running a wireless business. Believe me - they did not want any of those headaches. They wanted all the ad $ gravy an open network could give them, but none of the headaches.

By getting the FCC to put open access rules on the C block spectrum, they pulled a fast one on all the wireless companies - at least for now. The wireless companies get their crack at getting even when they start to use that spectrum and make life difficult for Google to actually cash in on what they got thru lobbying.
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