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Fullerton, CA
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Re: Email Problems?

I've had the same email address since 2000: xxx@pacbell.net

I check my mail in Yahoo web mail prior to retrieving it with my POP3 client.

So far no errors on outgoing, but I know for a fact one legitimate email was blocked twice on the sender's end (I don't think they got an error message).

Of course, there may be more legit email being blocked that I don't know about.

Bullhead City, AZ
Thanks, Lizz. Good start for analysis.

As of now it appears that my mail is getting through again. Or I'm at least not getting a bounce message. I'm going on the road for a few days, so I might not be able to check accurately until Wednesday - depends on WiFi coverage.

If any of your friends have their own domains that they mail from, please have them check for bounces from you - like the one that was blocked twice. THAT's where the issue appears to be.

BTW, I found another L O N G post here that seems to be closely related:

»Bellsouth blocking my legit email server

Same symptoms, but might be slightly different mechanism.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Anyone else?
Brett Brennan
Homenode Group Inc.

Fullerton, CA

Did you see what Dan Goodwin wrote for The Register??

No telling what effects a little press might have

Hmm... That's funny.
Pacifica, CA
said by Lizz:

Did you see what Dan Goodwin wrote for The Register?? No telling what effects a little press might have
Spelled "Goodin," I think:

»www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/24 ··· filters/

Links to several threads here.
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Fullerton, CA
Ooops, sorry Dan.

And thanks, jmorlan, for correcting my mistake and putting in the link. I tried to get back to add the link, and for some reason, this site would NOT load, got an error message several times. Then got distracted and forgot.


Pleasanton, CA
Good morning everyone,

Thought I would share my experience with the lovely AT&T as it relates to this problem.

For the past week and a half my users in my office were getting a lot of bouncebacks when trying to send to clients on sbcglobal.net & att.net email addresses. The bounceback typically contained this:

nlpi099.prodigy.net #553 5.3.0 nlpi099,DNSBL:521(our ip) >_is_blocked.__See_»www.att.net/bls_rbl/_for_informa ··· ormation. ##
After going out to the site mentioned in the message, I submitted a couple requests via their webform. I then received responses back a few days later stating that my servers were removed from their block list. I then went and immediately had my users try to email clients and found that they were immediately rejected with the same bounceback. I went to submit another request via their webform and then see that the form is unavailable with problems every time I try to submit a request.

Frustrated with this, I started at the AT&T corporate - »www.corp.att.com/contact/corpora ··· ate.html - by calling their corporate information line @ 908-221-4191. I navigate through the short menu system and finally end up hitting 0 to get an operator. I then get an recorded message stating that they are having technical difficulties with this line. After a few days pass, I try again and finally get someone on the phone. I then proceed to play the "transfer" game getting pawned off to 4 different departments until finally I get a hold of someone in the East Bay office from the Internet Services division. This person was extremely helpful and worked with me over the next couple of days testing email communication and working with the IISS department to make sure that I was removed.

After working with this person, I was finally able to get email messages through to both att.net and sbcglobal.net addresses. My wife's company is experiencing the same problem and she works in the staffing industry where hundreds of people are seekings jobs and could have AT&T email addresses. AT&T is seriously impacting a lot of businesses with this poorly implemented project of theirs.

Bullhead City, AZ
This is the most positive response from at&t that I've heard of yet. Unfortunately for the majority of folks outside the at&t hegemony, this may not be possible.

I have concluded my research, and I've posted a summary to another thread on these forums. Alas, it is the end of a long, hard road.

»Re: Has AT&T and/or Yahoo started filtering Spam?