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Bless you Howie

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nimrods at Sapphire Forums

So the site mod at Sapphire's forums is a well known idiot. He claims that when Corsair came out with their supplies they were shit, his actual words. He and his pals claim that Corsair is deceptive because, in the rating of the supply, the max amperage for the 12VDC is mathematically more than what is possible for the entire supply, being he and they are totally clueless to why this is done. Freaking nimrods.

I joined just to point out that:

A: Corsairs are excellent.

B: They were wrong, and clueless.

So he proceedded to tell the forum that I used my gmail addresss and revealed about my time zone, disrespecting my privacy.

I am going to call Sapphire tomorrow and raise hell. GreenGecko and Sapphire should be sued! That guys is one of the biggest idiots I've ever seen online with so much power. Pathetic. I sure as hell will NEVER buy a Sapphire product after this!!!

Banned me for saying the truth, that their comments were clueless. Good form!


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Toledo, OH
i couldnt agree more.this dude is a bonafied idiot.
btw i responded to his idiocy
anyone that knows anything about psus knows that corsair/seasonic are top notch psus.ive been using the corsair 520 almost exclusively in builds for months and have yet to have a single glitch with any.
id have loved to have been able to rub his nose in the other point you made but im no psu officianado.

reply to signmeuptoo
said by signmeuptoo:

So he proceedded to tell the forum that I used my gmail addresss and revealed about my time zone, disrespecting my privacy.
You're saying that your time zone is a privacy issue?
What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?

Mountain View, CA
reply to signmeuptoo
Two things:

1) DO NOT call Sapphire over this, you'll only waste people's time: »www.sapphiretech.com/en/forums/s···?t=13140

2) It's a forum. The number of chumps on the Internet these days is astounding. I have a tendency to avoid tech forums (sans this one and a couple others), because they have a tendency to breed Internet toughguys.
Making life hard for others since 1977.
I speak for myself and not my employer/affiliates of my employer.

Bloom County
reply to Suchaknight
Yep - it seems he is although how that can be - I dunno as it has zero to do with privacy. Even if he revealed his home address - if the OP's address is unlisted then he would have an argument but if his address is fully listed - not a provacy issue.


Atlanta, GA

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reply to signmeuptoo
Why is this being brought up here?
Praise be to my Cadillac


reply to signmeuptoo
Hey Signmeuptoo, I see that you are for hire? How is one to reach you? My website is rvpteam dot com please contact me, Go Sox!

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reply to AreSee
said by AreSee:

Why is this being brought up here?
I assume since this is a hardware forum that anyone buying into Sapphire may have to deal with these people someday.

Seems like a reasonable heads-up to me.

I'm going to quote Gr33nGecko's last post since it may be moderated on their forums. This is not the response I would expect from any moderator. He's somehow insulting all U.S. folks IMO and I wonder how many of his own rules are being broken with this post:

Gr33nGecko said:
Look at my SECOND sig, you illiterate retard ... and actually READ the post before spouting total garbage - It was in THE PAST TENSE .. shit, what is it with Yanks and the English language ?? Are you not given any schooling anymore, you illiterate shits ?? No schools in Ohio or something .. just another RedNeck place with illiterates roaming the streets is it ?? Maybe time to stop the inbreeding projects.

Good, stay away then, we don't need crappy attitudes here, especially one's from retarded illiterate people who just post because they don't understand English because they're illiterate .. and don't have opposable thumbs.

Oh, Rube took you up on the offer, not me. Ciao, have a good trip, don't forget to write .. Oh, ya can't cos ya got banned .. ah well.

Who's representing who Dickhead ? Read the Forum Rules and Disclaimer you signed when you joined the Forum. Oh, I forgot, you're illiterate and can't .. get your Mom to read and explain it to you - you ILLITERATE RETARDED YANK TROLL !!!

Windsor, ON
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reply to signmeuptoo
While I don't condone to how they responded and banned you, but I think you came off a little to harsh. Especially for be a new member and on the first post.

What if it was someone doing that here?
How would we respond?

Oh well. At this point, I'd just shrug it off and move on with life. What was said, was said.

Just be fortunate with the knowledge you carry.

Bless you Howie
reply to signmeuptoo

***A MODERATOR*** has made Libelous comments about a competitor's product, claiming that Corsair supplies (some of the best made out there, period) are total shit and furthermore, that Corsair is being deliberately deceptive about their ratings, all when Corsair is doing ratings EXACTLY as they should be done.

The retard GreenGecko claims that Corsair lies because the total labeled rating for possible amperes exceeds the total for the entire supply. Well, ANYONE with half a brain knows that that isn't deception!!! We ALL KNOW that the 12VDC rails on supplies are given extra headroom for load in the case that LESS load is on the 5 and 3.3 VDC rails!!! GreenGecko IS an A hole.

This was brought to light over in the Jonny guru forum but due to the controversy, has been removed now it seems. I wasn't harsh in the slightest when you remember how they were committing liable.

Evidently, Sapphire has NO US phone contact number:


This seals the deal for me, no way in hell would I buy their products. I cannot believe the lack of professionalism by this company and this moderator is a nutcase.
You know your life has gotten "DICEY" when it turns into an episode of LOST, like my ex wife, who I swear is one of "The Others". Cancer and other diseases kill fellow members here at DSLR! Easy: Join us in Teams Helix and Discovery to save the world!

There's no shortage
Sty in Sky
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Are you a representative of that "competitor's product" ?

If not, then it is difficult to substantiate one way or the other whether the statements are "libelous". For that matter, almost nothing posted in forums on the internet can be considered libelous....they are matters of opinion. People post their opinions here (and elsewhere) all the time - sometimes backed up with fact (we certainly encourage that !) and sometimes just off the cuff b.s.
Blatantly incorrect (and potentially damaging as in "dangerous") stuff is removed/deleted/edited - the rest is treated as opinion and left to be judged by others. Typically, the truth, when backed up by fact, becomes obvious.

I've left this open to this point - but it no longer serves a purpose as "hardware discussion" - as it really wasn't about hardware to begin with....